Feedfloyd is the easiest way to keep, organize and share the cool stuff visually that you find interesting.

Using Feedfloyd is simple as well as fun in the same time.

Video, music, photography, fashion, movies, shopping, recipes, decoration.. Start keeping, organizing and sharing inspiring images, videos and quotes that you find on the Internet, on your own way! Check what other people like, share, to inspire yourself, to create shopping lists, to tag'm all. Feedfloyd is a next-generation web service to be used for different purposes.

Whether from the web or from your own computer

Right after joining Feedfloyd, first thing you might want to do is to add some content to your account either from your own computer by uploading or simply by picking from other websites. We have created a gadget named Picker that enables you to add content from other websites easily. Drag it to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Then, go to the web site that has the content you like and click the Picker you have just placed. It’s that simple!

Keep and organize your content

You can organize your content based on their subjects, types and/or resources into different walls, which helps you to categorize and reach them later on. For instance if you are a photographer you can use different walls for your portfolio and illustrations. If you like cooking as well as taking their pictures you can use a wall for those delicious recipes and also can create another wall for their pictures. Well, if you are a shopping addict then you will perhaps need a wish lists wall too.

Share with your friends

Feedfloyd aims to display related contents for its users based on their own interests and the walls they follow. Having said that, you don’t follow the people who share different styles and tastes but the contents that most suited with yours. You may share your content with the people you choose instead of spreading them away publicly. Let’s say you as a photographer can share your portfolio only with your clients but new camera models only with your colleagues.

Follow, like, comment!

When you mark any content as Liked, they become archived immediately on your profile. This also helps to bring them and other similar ones up front on your search results, which enables Feedfloyd to learn and understand you and your interests better. On the other hand, you can discover new things by simply navigating through other people’s walls and add these walls to your “followings” to check them on regular basis.