iPad Case from a Bubble Mailer Envelope

DIY - Tutorial – Taken from cremedelacraft.com

iPad Case from a Bubble Mailer Envelope #diy

• Bubble Mailer (10.5in. x 11in.)
• Fabric (or repurpose pieces from an old t-shirt, dress or jeans)
• Adhesive (glue gun, tacky glue, stapler and/or small brads)
• 2 Buttons
• Needle & Thread
• Piece of Ribbon or String (approximately 8 in.)
• Scissors

• To measure the correct size for your case, slide your tablet horizontally into the envelope. Cut along one side of the envelope, leaving the back layer a few inches longer to create a flap for your case (see Step 1 above).
• Line the inside of the envelope with your first piece of fabric. I used a stapler and small brads to secure the fabric onto the envelope. You can also use tacky glue or a glue gun instead.
• Apply the next piece of fabric so that it covers the base of the envelope completely (front and back).
• Cover the flap with your third piece of fabric. The envelope should now be completely covered.
• With a needle and thread, sew on a button on the flap and on the base of the envelope.
• Grab your ribbon or string and knot it onto one of the buttons to make a string-and-button closure for your case.